Thursday, January 04, 2024

The need arose, propelled by the Indian Emergence, to start a new blog


It is heartening to note,

That the Indian PM's name,
Hath been recommended,
For establishing World Peace !
"My chariots shall not be bloody,
Till the earth records my name",
Said the conscientious Buddha,
As he renounced War.
Milton averred " Peace hath her victories,
No less renouned than War " !
Man's essential nature is Peace,
War is only an abnormality !
How can a Nation which declares Peace,
Aum Shanti, Shanti, advocate War ?  
From the ethical, moral angle,
Peace gets Fame, and War notoriety !
Love cognised is Truth
Love in action is Non VIolence
Love as pure Being is Wisdom
Love as Feeling is Peace.
Yet, many believe that war is a necessity biologic,
An outlet for the human desire to compete and excel !
Conquest by force is only half victory,
True victory is conquest by Love !
Harmony has to be established,
And perfection worked out.
We have to effectuate the Divine,
In a conflicting and contradicting world    !
We have been instructed,
To rise from Non Being to Being,
Asado Ma Sad Gamaya,
And to rise from Darkness to Light.
In other words,
From the Negative to the Positive.
But we have a big problem here,
As we are confronted by qualities negative !
We have seen Death,
But not Immortality !
Mrutyor Ma Amritam Gamaya,
Appears to be difficult !
Death, Non Being, Ignorance,
Darkness, adversity, disease,
All these we have seen,
But never experienced the Positive !
Qualties Negative,
Are merely the first terms of the Formula,
Unintellible to us,
Till we work out its esoteric terms !
These qualities negative,
Are merely initial discords
Of the Musician's symphony,
Didnt He create a world miserable ?
That too deliberately flawing perfection,
Of His Own Creation ?
The discords of the world are Lord's discords,
To unfold the Godhead within us?
The tormenting Evil is He,
As well as the Redeeming Grace !
Oru Kai Praharikkave
Maru Kai kondu thalodum Easwaran !
Only when we have an integral vision,
Can we see beyond all masks,
The serene and lovely face,
Of  the All Blissful Godhead !
His tests test our imperfection,
True friemd is He and Heart, the Teacher !
Mind is the greatest Guru,
And world, the true Book !
Let us be what the Seer Poets recommended,
What Lord Krishna recommended to Arjuna,
Realised souls viewing Becoming,
Under the metaphor of Being !
Let us rise from Death to Self Realisation,
From the Darkness of Nescience to Light Supernal,
From the mirage of Non Being to True Being,
Thus fulfilling that eternal Prayer Asato Ma Sadgamaya !
Did not Bhagavan Aurobindo,
Say that Strive and thou shalt have ?
Trust and thy trust shall be justified ?
That the Divine Crown is within our reach ?
That we have to overcome the Negative,
And reach the Positive !
And Implement Positivity,
Then only shall the world be redeemed !
The Kingdom of Heaven,
Is both worldly and transworldly
To implement this Rama Rajya,
India, US and Russia exist !

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Pseudo Secularism !

BJP hobnobbing with Psedo Secularism and hypocrisy will cost them heavily in 2019. I read the article by JG Arora, recommended by Elst.

The current trend favors Indian Philosophy. People in India have begun to realise that Secularism is a Utopian concept, as the whole world is divided into two camps, by Anti Paganism and Paganism !

We have promised the people a lot and let us deliver them. Otherwise people will think that we are like the hypocritical Congies,whose principe is Suppressio Veri, Suggestio Falsi ( Promise everything, deliver nothing ) !

O Nationalists, be careful. Remove the secularists within you, particularly those who favor Anti Paganism !

LIke Freemasonry, we believe that there is a Grand Ashram in the Heavens, watching over the Eternal Nation of India and superintending its development !

In Kerala, we find a grand reversal. The Commies are talking about the Eternal Law and BJP, Secularism ! They say Marx never said God did not exist ! VS inaugurated a temple festival and another Commie leader says Hinduism is a Scientific Way of Life and not a Religion ! Their heroes are Vivekananda and Narayana Guru and Gandhi is the favorite among BJP ians !

Political Ideology, Pratyaya Sastra ?

Election Fever grips Kerala and we have a mixture of strange bedfellows, which Poly Tricks is !

With the BJP talking Secularism and Commies Hinduism, what can the Congies talk ? Do they have an Ideology, a Pratyaya Sastra?

Cho said once that Congies are like Hinduism. There is no excommunication, you can be an atheist, an agnostic, a Marxist, a Leninist, a Naxalite or a theist , if you are a Hindu. Other religions do not display such broadmindedness ! So Cho meant that any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a Congie ! Now the Congress in Kerala is a front for the XTians. There is no need to brand the Kerala Congress as Xtian, as the real Congress is ! Raul Vinci, A K Antony, R Vadra, Bianca Vadra, Antonio Maino et al and we have Romistan here ! A K Antony has vowed not to give a single seat to the BJP ! What a pagan lover !

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pen mightier than sword ?

Was the poet, Bulwer- Lytton right ?

My brother doesnt think so. He says Genghis Khan, Attila et al conquered with the sword ! 

True, This! —

Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

If so, there is no need for the sword ! Can the pen save the nation, as Bulwer-Lytton said ? Can it improve the lot of humanity ? Can it bring a World Government based on equality ? 

Let us watch and see. 

If so, we have won !

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Emerson and the Concord Movement

When Emerson went to see Carlyle, Carlyle gave him a copy of the Geetha. When he read the Geetha, Emerson said " It was as if an Empire spoke to us".

Indian Philosophy so inspired Emerson that he started a movement called the Concord Movement, which was transcendental by nature.

Transcend, says the Rig Veda, transcend this relative plane, " Nivarthdvam".

"the brilliant genius of Emerson rose in the winter nights, and hung over Boston, drawing the eyes of ingenuous young people to look up to that great new start, a beauty and a mystery, which charmed for the moment, while it gave also perennial inspiration, as it led them forward along new paths, and towards new hopes", said Parker.

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Thoreau and Indian Philosophy

Henry David Thoreau was a transcendentalist. About the Geetha he said, " In the early hours of the morning, I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosomogonal philosophy of the Geetha, before which the modern world appears puny and trivial". His magnum opus, the Walden, is modelled after the 18 chapters of the Geetha and the 18 parvas of the Mahabharatha.

It was a book written by Thoreau, " Civil Disobedient Movement' which inspired Gandhi. It is said that Gandhi brought back from America what was fundamentally the philosophy of India, after it was envisioned in the mind of Thoreau.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Milton and Vidwesha Bhakti

Milton was an ardent devotee, but he was angry he was made to bear the cross by the Lord. He was blind.

He wrote the Paradise Lost to redeem God.

That I may assert Eternal Providence
And justify the ways of God to man !

But deep within his heart, there was animosity to God, who made him suffer.

Whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth.

When Paradise Lost was published, Satan became the unconscious hero of Paradise Lost .

Oft quoted are Satan's words such as

It is better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

If the devotee goes near the Lord and suffers, it is better not to go near the Lord !

Farthest from Him is best
Whom reason has equalled
Force had made supreme
against his equals.

Satanic Bible says it somebody hits you on one cheek, hit him back and smash him. Turning the other cheek is not so practical !

Suddenly Milton knew that Paradise Lost had projected Satan and had ridiculed the doctrines of loving the enemy and the neighbour. So he wrote the Paradise Regained to redeem God. He couldnt, as people hailed his former work, Paradise Lost.

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The Song Celestial and Sir Edwin Arnold !

Another great poet was Sir Edwin Arnold. He was Knight Commander of the British Empire. He fell in love with India. He translated the Geetha into English poem. 

In his foreword to the " Song Celestial ( Geetha ) ", he hails both India and England !

This is a discourse between
Prince Arjun and the Supreme
In the form of Lord Krishna 

So have I writ its wisdom here,
Its hidden Mystery,
For England O our India,
As dear to me as She !
Why did Goethe say that Kalidasa was the greatest poet of all time ? There are reasons.

Arthur Ryder says when writing on Kalidasa that "rarely has a man walked our earth who observed the phenomena of living Nature as accurately as he, though his accuracy was of course that of the poet, not that of the scientist." 

Ryder was right. For Kalidasa knew the landscape, the brooks, the flowers and trees.

He was one of the Nine Gems who tenanted the Court of King Vikramaditya. With Dhanwantari to champion the cause of Ayurveda, Varaha Astrology, Magha Poetry, Kalidasa represented Overmind Poetry !

Dhanwantari Kshapana pamarasingha pangur
Vethala bhatta ghata karpara kalidas
Khyatho varaha mihiro nripatye sabhayam
Ratnani vair vararuchi nava vikramsya !

Talking about Kalidasa's work, Goethe commented: "Here the poet seems to be in the height of his talent in representation of the natural order, of the finest mode of life "

Unlike Aurobindo, Dante or Goethe, Kalidasa was a material poet, along with Tagore. We find Overmind Poetry in Aurobindo, Dante and Goethe. On the other hand, Tagore and Kalidasa were not so supra-mundane. There is a verse in Kalidasa, which says the Rishies were cheated of the pleasures of the city, while they pined for Heaven !

Goethe about Kalidasa

These are the exact words of Goethe about Shakuntala 

Willst du die Blüthe des frühen, die Früchte des späteren Jahres,
Willst du, was reizt and entzückt, willst du was sättigt and nährt,
Willst du den Himmel, die Erde, mit Einem Namen begreifen;
Nenn’ ich, Sakuntala, Dich, and so ist Alles gesagt.

Wouldst thou the young year's blossoms and the fruits of its decline,
And all by which the soul is charmed, enraptured, feasted, fed?
Wouldst thou the earth and heaven itself in one sole name combine?
I name thee, O Shakuntala, and all at once is said.
(Eastwich's translation)

Vasantham kusumam phalam cha yugapat
Greeshmasya varshasya yad
Tachantam manasa rasoyatha mana santharpanam mohanam
Ekeebhoota mabhoota poorvamadhava
Swar loka bhoo lokayou
Aishwaryam yadi vanchasi priyathame
Shakuntalam Drisyatham

Savitri, the Conquest of Death

Aurobindo's major works are the Life Divine ( prose ) and Savithri ( poetry).

Savithri is allegorical, and represents the conquest of Death and the passage into the realm of Immortality.

Savithri tells Death

How can any one show thee Truth's supreme face ?
To thought an incomprehensible supreme Supreme Light 
To speech a marvel inexpressible 
If thou wert to unmask Truth's face supreme
Thou shalt suddenly grow wise and cease to be !

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Writing for Business !

Undoubtedly blogging is fun. You write whatever is on your mind. You can set up blogs on Blogger or Typepad. Blogger seems to be the most user friendly.

I have 39 active blogs on Blogger . I get a lot of traffic from these blogs.

You can put Adsense ads on your blog. Also Adbrite and other affiliate ads and you get paid either PPC or PPS ( Pay Per Click or Pay per Sale ).

Blog Marketing is the latest buzz. If you use a conversational tone you will get a big audience. Never broadcast. Never indulge in self promotion. Never sell. Be altruistic and share your knowledge with the international community !

Wealth or Knowledge should not be accumulated. It should be shared with our brethren. Marx, Jesus and Aurobindo were altruistic and they shared their immense knowledge with their brethren. Let us go after Almighty Love and not after Almighty Mammon !

You can share not only articles written by you, but also your favorite videos and photos dealing with that topic. You can go to social networking sites like Facebook or Google Plus and update your status and tell your friends that you have been blogging, with links pointing back to your blog ! This is the joy of Blog Marketing !

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Write about everything under the Sun.

We have to write about every subject under the Sun. Then only will it be the Art of Writing.

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