Friday, November 16, 2007

How to earn revenue from writing !

It is easy to become a writer, but difficult to make a living out of it !

This statement is true. Anyone can become a writer, but it is difficult to make a living with it.

Now with the rise of the World Wide Web, writers can earn money blogging and setting up websites. The Net is a written medium and hence a writer's Paradise.

You can sign up for blogger and create blogs. You know the statement " We are good at something", meaning that all are experts in some field or other.

So know your area of expertise and set up blogs. Sign up for Google Adsense and post Adsense ads on your blog. You can set up an umpteen no of blogs. These ads will fetch you revenue. I have 21 blogs and I am getting good revenue from them. I have 5 sites and I get good adrevenue from them also. This is how writing can be used for bringing home the bacon!

Not only Google Adsense ads but other ads you can put on the site. Adbrite ads is another source of revenue for me. Also other ads. There are many ads. PPC or Pay Per Click, PPL or Pay per Lead, or PPS, Pay per Sale.,, Amazon - all these can give you PPS or PPL ads.

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