Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Poetry Contests... To Bring Out the Poet in You

- By: Johnsmith Brown, 2008-03-19

Poetry is a beautiful art form that has been successful in getting the appreciation of the world as a whole. Those who can?t enjoy the beauty of a poem can be described as someone who can?t appreciate true beauty. Love poems substantiate this statement. They are the masterpieces of many poets and there are poets who continue to consider their love poems as their best works."

Article Body: "Poems can influence people of all ages because of the incomparable beauty that it holds. Poets are a class of people who are loved and remembered by people through the ages. Love poetry is the best example that supports this statement. Love poetry is more than poems of love. The influence and impact is much more.

Love poetry is a class of poetry that handles love as the theme of the poem. Poets can take their own experiences in love or they can be mere imaginations of love. Whatever it may be, love poems will be appreciated always. This is because each and every human being in this world is in search of true love. Anything that can speak about love will gather their attention. Love poetry is so powerful that, it can help the people to understand love and teach them to love others.

This public acceptance of love poetry has provoked many organizations and web sites to concentrate their interest on love poems. They realized that love poets need more attention and encouragement if they are to be uplifted. With this as the prime aim, web sites conduct online poetry contests. is one of such web sites that offer contests for love poets on a regular basis. The participants need not pay any fee towards the registration of their name for poetry contest. This is intended to give the necessary chances of growth to the future love poets.

Prizes are given to the winners of the contest. The exposure that they get through these contests is not negligible. In fact their names and poems will be displayed in the site. What else is required for an aspiring poet of the new generation?

The selection of the best poet is done on the basis of the vote. Visitors of the web site are requested to vote for the poet whom they feel is worthy of being rewarded. So there is no partial treatment for any in the web site. The prize is delivered to the one who is elected by the panel of experienced people as the winner. So it is the talent that is praised and appreciated here.

Poetry contests never demand anything from the writers expect sincerity to their work which they are obliged to do. The work should be unique and purely written by the person who claims to be the writer. The rules set and displayed in the site are to be strictly followed.

Selection criteria are set and the participants are supposed to go through the site and understand the terms and conditions. This is meant to avoid confusions and complaints that may arise in future. No particular consideration will be given to any. The individual is judged only on the basis of the talent.

These poetry contests are conducted by the fond lovers of poems. There is no profit oriented work behind this web site. The challenging world is giving a chance to the skilled and talented people. This is surely a blessing to the people who are born with inborn talents.

Roshni is the owner of PoetryCraze, the best poetry contest website on the internet.

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