Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Pseudo Secularism !

BJP hobnobbing with Psedo Secularism and hypocrisy will cost them heavily in 2019. I read the article by JG Arora, recommended by Elst.

The current trend favors Indian Philosophy. People in India have begun to realise that Secularism is a Utopian concept, as the whole world is divided into two camps, by Anti Paganism and Paganism !

We have promised the people a lot and let us deliver them. Otherwise people will think that we are like the hypocritical Congies,whose principe is Suppressio Veri, Suggestio Falsi ( Promise everything, deliver nothing ) !

O Nationalists, be careful. Remove the secularists within you, particularly those who favor Anti Paganism !

LIke Freemasonry, we believe that there is a Grand Ashram in the Heavens, watching over the Eternal Nation of India and superintending its development !

In Kerala, we find a grand reversal. The Commies are talking about the Eternal Law and BJP, Secularism ! They say Marx never said God did not exist ! VS inaugurated a temple festival and another Commie leader says Hinduism is a Scientific Way of Life and not a Religion ! Their heroes are Vivekananda and Narayana Guru and Gandhi is the favorite among BJP ians !

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