Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The noblest conquest is the conquest by the Pen

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword.

How we may ask ? The poets, the writers, the literateurs all had their say in human history. Even the politicians quote poets before beginning a lecture.

What guides a poet, a writer ? It is the Intuitive Mind !

Man has got two types of Mind - the Rational Mind & the Intuitive Mind. All scientific discoveries are the product of the Rational Mind while all epic poems are the products of the Intuitive Mind !

The Intuitive Mind reveals to the writer what to write. It guides the poets. It guides philosophers and prophets !

Revelation, inspiration, intuition, illumination - these are the four faculties of the Intuitive Reason. The Intuitive Reason reveals as these four faculties.

Like Dante's heirophantess Beatrice, there are type eternally feminine, as Goethe divined, to lead the intellect on and on.

So the Intuitive Mind is considered as feminine, while the Rational Mind is considered as masculine, the mind that guided Einstein, Darwin etc. Dante, Goethe and Aurobindo were instructed by the Intuitive Mind. They wrote and conquered the intellectuals ! Hence we say that the noblest conquest is the conquest by the pen !

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