Saturday, February 02, 2008

Write and become immortal !

It is said that writers are not normally graced by Wealth. " Those who are high up in society are intellectually poor and generally vulgar" declared Schopenhauer.

That may be true. Keats cried in agony

I fall upon the thorns of life
I bleed !

A writer may not be graced by Fortune. But Writing has its positive aspect. Look at Dante, who was a mendicant !

A mendicant, he ate the bitter bread of others
But repaid the meagre gifts
With immortality !

So with writing he repaid the meagre gifts with immortality !

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword ! Did not Marx, Jesus, Aurobindo turn the course of history with their writings ?

Does not every language quote their poets ?

A writer writes his thoughts. On the Net he writes in blogs & sites. His ideas are passed on to posterity. By imparting his ideas to posterity, he becomes immortal !

So, take up the pen, write and become immortal !

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