Thursday, July 01, 2010

Article writing is the best vocation !

"Reading maketh a full man
Writing a precise man

And Conference a ready man !"

said Bacon.

Writing can make you precise.

The Internet, peopled by 1.4 billion, is a writer's paradise ! Writers should have blogs and sites and we averr that writing is one of the best professions !. We join the likes of Goethe, Aurobindo, Shakespeare, Kalidasa etc

I was thrilled when my first article was published by Carl Stillman of Access New Age, in 1999, when I started my first dotcom. I have been writing for 9 years now and I have written more than 200 articles, most of them displayed at my site, Eastrovedica, Article Wisdom & Article Gnosis. Article Wisdom has now more than 36 K articles and Article Gnosis in the infancy stage. Eastrovedica has more than 1500 articles.

The power of the pen is mightier than the power of the sword. With the pen you can get the message across to millions !

It is easy to become a writer, but difficult to make a living with it. That is true. But on the Net, you can get paid for writing. Your articles get you the necessary exposure.

All the articles that I wrote are free, but they got me international exposure. My articles allowed me to establish all the eight dotcoms.

The ancients were not wrong when they said that Writing can make one immortal and can survive the
Cosmological Cycles.

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