Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Song of Myself by Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman was a transcendentalist. He eulogised the Self. " The Song of Myself " is one of his epic poems. He wondered at Space, Time and Death, the three modes thorough which the Universal expresses Itself

Swiftly I shrivel at the thought of God
At Nature and her marvels - Space, Time and Death !

Then I turn to Thee , O Actual Me,
Lo! Thou gently masterest the orbs
Thou smilest content with Death
And fillest swellest the vastnesses of Space !

From this verse, it is clear that Walt Whitman had philosophic knowledge as he understood the relationship of individual Self to the Supreme Self ! Thee is Actual Me !

This is reminiscent of the great Melpathur, who said

Yadhartha syath Thvat mayasyahi
Mama na vibho
Vasthavo bandha moksho 
Maya avidya thanubhyam
Tava hi virachitou
Swapan bodho va pau thau 

Actullay I am Thee
For me no binding, no liberation
As the body is bound 
By Nescience, by Ignorance
The Maya that binds
Soul to the body !

( Mahakavi Melpthur in Narayaneeyam or Ode to the Lord )

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