Friday, February 24, 2012

Milton and Vidwesha Bhakti

Milton was an ardent devotee, but he was angry he was made to bear the cross by the Lord. He was blind.

He wrote the Paradise Lost to redeem God.

That I may assert Eternal Providence
And justify the ways of God to man !

But deep within his heart, there was animosity to God, who made him suffer.

Whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth.

When Paradise Lost was published, Satan became the unconscious hero of Paradise Lost .

Oft quoted are Satan's words such as

It is better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

If the devotee goes near the Lord and suffers, it is better not to go near the Lord !

Farthest from Him is best
Whom reason has equalled
Force had made supreme
against his equals.

Satanic Bible says it somebody hits you on one cheek, hit him back and smash him. Turning the other cheek is not so practical !

Suddenly Milton knew that Paradise Lost had projected Satan and had ridiculed the doctrines of loving the enemy and the neighbour. So he wrote the Paradise Regained to redeem God. He couldnt, as people hailed his former work, Paradise Lost.

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