Monday, February 05, 2007

Dante's Divina Comedia

One of the greatest writers of all time was Dante, who wrote the Divine Comedy. He recorded his psychologicl mystic experiences as journeys through the Inferno ( Hell ), Purgatorio ( purgatory ), & Final Beatitude ( Paradiso or Heaven ). The Divine Comedy is called Divine because of its superhuman beauty.

He was a scholar and astrologer. To Dante, Astrology was the noblest of all sciences.
. He drew a parallel between the seven revolving heavens and the seven liberal arts in his Convivio. He gave Grammar to Moon and Dialectic to Mercury. In Philosophy, he classified the seven reprehensible actions as the Seven Deadly Sins.

In his De Monarchia, he spoke about the One World Government. He declared that for World Peace to manifest, the best solution is the One Government. O happy race of men, heavenly peace on earth if all the hearts of men are ruled by the Love that rules Heaven !

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