Monday, February 12, 2007

Shaw, the master Satirist !

Shaw was influenced by Annie Besant and Henri Bergson. Bergson postulated the theory of L'Evolution Creatrice or Creative Evolution.

Everything is done by Creative Evolution and its errors are called the Problem of Evil.

"Shaw's seriousness and mock humour run into an incredible, inextricable melange ", remarked Aurobindo.

One of his best quotations

" This earth of ours is a place where the Fool flourishes, where the good and the wise are hated and persecuted, where men and women torment each other in the name of love; where children are enslaved in the name of parental duty and education, where the weak in body are poisoned and mutilated in the name of medical healing & where the weak in character are imprisoned in the name of justice. It is clear to me that this earth is hell and as the Indian revealed to me, we are here to expiate for crimes committed by us in a former existence.

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