Monday, February 05, 2007

Vivekananda - The Cosmic Poet !

Vivekananda was a genius, in whom intellectuality and divinity found the perfect blend.
In his poem ' The Hymn of Cosmic Consciousness " , he proclaims the transcendental experience he had.
" In the void of Mind involute
The fleeting Universe rises and floats
And sinks back in the current "I" "
He declared that all men are infinite and our journey on earth is to manifest that infinity.
He declared that it is a sin to call man a sinner.
He declared that by Vedas no books are meant. Kant's greatest achivement was that he found that Space, Time and Causality are modes of thought, but Vedanta, the Science of Being, knew this long ago and called it Maya.
The Universe is thought and Vedas are the words expressing that Thought !

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