Sunday, February 04, 2007

Learning is the Mother of all Virtue !

"Learning is the mother of all virtue" said Montaigne, the Sceptic.

The Bible says " Righteous heart seeketh knowledge ". Islam also gives priority to Learning " The ink of the scholar is greater than the blood of the martyr. He who reads is handsome in the sight of God " !

To Indians, Wisdom and He are synonyms. The distinction between knowledge and Wisdom is made. Knowledge is of things; Wisdom is about the Absolule alone !

Thou art Wisdom
Thy Form the fourfold Veds
Thou art the End of Wisdom !

Vidya sthwam
Vedaneeyasthwmevacha !

The Jewish Kabbalah is another treatise on Wisdom. Albert Pyke remarked about the Kabbalah " One is stunned while entering the sanctuary of the Kabbalah, at finding the doctrine so simple, so logical and at the same time so absolute "

Kabbalah, Yoga, Zen, Gnosticism, Sufism - all these mystic schools are the figurative representatives of the royal Solomon and personify Wisdom !

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